F.A.C.E. Masks

F.A.C.E. (Faith And Community Engage) Masks

For those looking for a way to use your crafting skills and help to protect our patients and healthcare workers, Sioux Center Health is seeking volunteers to sew cloth masks. Below is the instructions on the specific material and pattern that is required to ensure safety. The drop off bin is located in the main entrance of the hospital. Please put them in a plastic bag.

We thank you for your prayers, support and willingness to keep our community safe.

Cloth Surgical/Isolation Masks for Respiratory Protection
Purpose: To provide recommendations for materials/design of homemade masks, in order to conserve disposable surgical/isolation masks.

Click here for guidelines, instructions, materials and patterns for the Olson Mask.
(When printing off the pattern, print at 90% for medium or 100% for large.)

If you would like to donate scrap fabric, 100% cotton, thread and elastic, please drop it off at the front entrance of Crown Pointe.

Mask design:
1. Optimal fabric is single ply 100% cotton blend t-shirt material (newer shirts; not worn or tattered)
2. Second choice for fabric is quilting cotton
3. Pre-wash material prior to sewing
4. Include elastic head or ear-loops. These are preferred over ties that can get tangled in the laundry.
5. The masks are made in medium and large sizes, and both sizes are needed.

Supplies needed:
1. Fabric – ½ yard will make 2 – 3 masks
2. Elastic band, approximately ¼ inches wide, or elastic hair tie/band
– Head loop is preferred due to ability to obtain tighter fit. If making them with a head-loop, the elastic band will need to be about 23 inches long.
– Masks with ear loops would need two 8 inch loops or elastic hair ties.
– If you don’t have elastic, make 4 fabric ties for each mask. There should be 2 upper and 2 lower ties (on the right and left sides of the mask) Make each of the 4 about 18 inches long.
3. All-purpose thread
4. Scissors
5. Pins
6. Sharpie pen

Questions: contact David Van’t Hul at (712) 722-8225 or david.vanthul@siouxcenterhealth.org