kids walking with mom at back-to-school night

Back-to-school is literally just around the corner, and with everything that’s been happening, it’s essential that we do our best as parents to keep our kids safe and healthy this school season. Let’s look at a few ways you can do this.

Provide Healthy Meals

Providing your kids with healthy meals will help to give them a good start to each day. Start out by giving them a good breakfast, and if you can, pack them a healthy lunch, as well. Try to include fruits, vegetables, and water too. Study shows that children who eat healthy meals are more likely to perform better during class than those who don’t.

Encourage Healthy Hygiene Habits

With COVID-19 around, it is most essential that we teach and encourage our children to wash their hands. They can also use tissue or the crook of their elbow or sleeve when coughing or sneezing, along with other ways to avoid spreading germs. If they are old enough, provide them with a small tube of hand sanitizer to use in between handwashing.

Stay On Top of Allergies

Allergies are no joke; they can put your child at risk for other issues by compromising their immune system. Allergies can also prevent them from functioning properly in classes or even miss out on school. So if your child has allergies, make sure you stack up on allergy supplies provided by your family doctor and give them supplements to build their immune system.

Your kids will be excited to get back into the classroom, so equip them with the things and knowledge they need to stay safe while learning and socializing.



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