The 4th of July is just around the corner, and we know that this time of the year has many festivities and celebrations. We want to help you keep safe while having fun with family and friends this July. So in this post, we will share a few tips that you can use to keep your loved ones and yourself safe.

Keeping Safe in the Water

Being in the water is fabulous, right, especially in this weather? Some people enjoy hosting water parties or even events on the beach in celebration of July 4th. Here’s how you can ensure your water event is fun-filled and accident-free.

  • In the invitation communication (invitation card, email, or text), send a few safety rules and teach kids these tips as well. Some safety tips include:
    • Do not go into the water unsupervised if you cannot swim.
    • Use the floaties provided.
  • It is always a good idea to hire a lifeguard, especially if there is none at the beach. Having someone on the lookout helps to relieve stress, and it’s an added layer of security.
  • If you have very small kids at the event, consider using blowup kiddie pools for them. It is easier to monitor and keep them safe in a small pool.

Be Safe Around Fireworks

Fireworks are one of the most anticipated parts of every 4th of July celebratory event. Use these safety tips to avoid self-injury or harm to others.

  • Keep fireworks away from children and animals.
  • Wear proper protective gear when lighting fireworks and light only one at a time.
  • Ensure you have a fire extinguisher or water on hand to put out any blaze.

Keeping Safe Around the Grill

Fires are dangerous; they can cause loss of property and lives. To avoid sparking any fires at the barbecue this year, practice these grilling safety measures.

  • NEVER use your grill indoors.
  • Grill outdoors in an open area away from anything that could burn easily.
  • Be careful with the fuel. Once you’ve lit the grill, put the fuel away in a safe place.
  • Keep kids and pets away from the grill at all times.
  • Ensure you are using long-handled utensils so you don’t burn yourself.

Travel Safety

Traveling on July 4th is essential for most people. The roads are busier than ever, and you need to stay alert to prevent accidents. Let’s see how you can get to and from that 4th of July party safely.

  • Ensure your car lights are working. You need to see the road so you don’t hit anything or anyone.
  • Is your gas tank full? This measure is especially essential for persons traveling a long way.
  • Do a checkup of your vehicle, don’t skip the brakes!
  • Drive carefully, no going over the speed limit, and no texting or talking on the phone while driving.
  • Watch out for people or animals crossing the road.

We hope you have lots of fun at your 4th of July celebration this year. Whether you go to the beach, the park, a campsite, or to your neighbor’s backyard, remember these safety measures. Practice them and share them with others. Also, don’t forget those COVID-19 protocols.