Avera Quality Congress
The Avera Quality Congress was held on Wednesday, August 21 in Sioux Falls to recognize all the projects and individuals nominated across the Avera system. This bi-annual event promotes the best techniques, strategies, and performance practices. It encourages collaboration in quality improvement projects and recognizes individuals whose actions exemplify the values of compassion, hospitality, and stewardship. We are proud to announce that Sioux Center Health was recognized and awarded for our project “Laundry Lean Project” in the category of Avera Caring with Excellence. Congratulations to all the staff who make this new process work every day and especially to Lisa Froke, Debra Eisenbraun, and Marie Thorneberry. This nomination highlights the project goal of improving the management of linens, increasing internal customer satisfaction and improving the productivity of the laundry department.

Sioux Center Health Quality Awards Open House
Thursday, August 29 Sioux Center Health held the Quality Awards Open House.

Cory Nelson, CEO, kicked off the afternoon by sharing his gratitude to the nominees for making a difference in the quality of care that is delivered every day. “We are proud of our nominees who lives our mission every day at Sioux Center Health. Incredible work is being done to provide the highest level of care, and these nominations demonstrate our commitment to making an impact every day.”

Avera Caring Spirit Award recipients:
Hospitality –  Denice Kellen (Hospice and Home Care)
Stewardship – Hannah Buteyn (Behavioral Health)
Compassion –  Terri Bradley (Long-Term Care Nursing)

Avera Caring with Excellence Award recipients:
Laundry Lean Project – Lisa Froke (Housekeeping), Debra Eisenbraun (Housekeeping), and Marie Throneberry (Housekeeping)