Bridging the Gap is a 40-hour professional development program that prepares bilingual individuals to work as medical interpreters. It is used to train novice and experienced medical interpreters, and it is accepted by both accredited national certifying bodies, the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) and the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI). No interpreting experience is required in order to take the class.


Basic interpreting skills. Roles, ethics, conduit, and clarifier interpreting managing the flow of the session.

Codes of ethics. Codes of ethics and decision-making for interpreters in health care.

Integrated medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. Introduction to common terms, procedures, and specialties relating to human physiology and health.

Information on health care systems. Introduction to the health care systems and types of health care providers.

Culture in interpreting. Self-awareness, basic characteristics of specific cultures, traditional health care in specific communities, culture brokering.

Communication skills for advocacy. Listening skills, communication styles, how doctors think, appropriate advocacy.

Professional development. Effective communication, professional conduct, self-care, resources for professional growth.

Total tuition:  $675
Includes non-refundable $100 registration fee, course textbook, bilingual medical glossary if available in your target language (if not available participants will receive an English-English glossary), the Guide to Common Medications, and a signed Certificate of Successful Completion, if applicable.

 Training dates:  February 8, 15, 29, March 14, 21    |   8:30 a.m.  – 4 p.m.
Students must attend all hours of the training. Sioux Center Health reserves the right to cancel a class that does not have a minimum enrollment. (Minimum enrollment 6 maximum 15)

 Location:  Sioux Center Health   |    1101 9th St SE, Sioux Center, IA 51250    
Conference Rooms 1 and 2 (lower level)

Admission Requirements
Minimum age and education
Participants must be 18 or older and have a high school degree or the equivalent. Proof of high school graduation or GED etc. is required. Please mail a copy to Jessica Diaz (1101 9th St SE, Sioux Center, IA 51250).

Registration & Enrollment Procedure   
Click here to download an enrollment form.

Application materials and payment must be received by Friday, January 24.
•   Application form
•   Non-refundable deposit
•   Proof of high school graduation
•   Proof of language proficiency (if available)

Refund Policy
Unless a class is canceled by Sioux Center Health, the $100 registration fee is non-refundable. However, if a course applicant becomes unable to attend a course they had registered for, the registration fee can be held for one calendar year from the start date of the original course registered for.

For the remaining $575, the refund policy is:
•   Up to 1 week before class starts: 75%
•   1-6 days before class starts: 50%
•   After class starts: 25%

Notes: Instead of refunds, applicants can leave their balance paid to Sioux Center Health to use for another class within 1 calendar year from the start date of this class originally applied for.

Sioux Center Health reserves the right to remove any participant who interferes with or causes a disruption in the learning environment. Refunds will not be issued to participants who are removed.

Certificates of Successful Completion
Pre and Post-Tests will be given to measure the participant’s improvement before and after the training. Certificates of successful completion will be awarded to participants who score 70% or better on the post-test.  Participants will be notified via email about their test results within one week of completing the course. Certificates will be mailed within two weeks after the training.

Participants who do not pass the exam are permitted one retake within a 3-month period. If a participant does not pass the exam after the permitted re-take, Sioux Center Health will not issue a certificate of successful completion. Participants may receive a letter of attendance that also includes a statement that the participant did not pass the course.

Students must attend all hours of the training and pass the Post-Test to earn a certificate of successful completion. This certificate can be used as proof of training for national certification and other bodies that require proof of training.

Receiving a certificate is proof that a participant is a trained medical interpreter. To become a certified medical interpreter, participants who successfully complete the course should take and pass national certification exams through the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters ( or the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (

 Additional Information
All of our communication will be primarily by email so please make sure your email address is working and check it regularly. If you have not heard from us in a reasonable amount of time, please call Jessica Diaz at 722-8317.