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Our goal is to put patients first. Along with top quality care, that also means helping you understand what you are financially responsible for as early as possible.

The price estimate tool will help you plan for upcoming health care services you will receive at Sioux Center Health. The estimate reflects your current benefit level as provided by your insurance company at the time of the request. The estimate for an uninsured patient will calculate out-of-pocket costs using the hospital’s uninsured discount.

Get a price estimate for a medical procedure. You are entering a secure website. Any information you provide will be protected.


Below you will find some commonly asked questions.

Does my insurance plan cover the services?

Please contact your insurance company to confirm that we are a participating provider for your insurance policy. Your insurance card will help you locate the Customer Service contact information for your insurance company.

Once the service is provided we will submit a claim to your insurance company. Any non-covered services will be billed to you per your insurance company’s guidelines.

How is the estimate created?

You will select your insurance company (Payer and Plan) and enter your specific policy information. The estimate will consider your personal benefit levels at the time the estimate is created to provide you an estimate of your out of pocket cost(s).

Your deductible remaining balance, coinsurance percentage, and any copay requirements will be used along with your insurance’s allowable amount (also referred to as the negotiated contract rates) for the test you are inquiring about, to create a patient estimate of costs for you.

How will I know if the estimate is correct?

The estimate is determined based on the insurance benefits that are available to the hospital at the time the estimate was created. If the test you select differs from the order your physician provides, the cost may change. Also, if there are complications, adjustments, or added services during your exam or procedure, then the estimated cost may change as well.

Does the estimate show the final amount for the service?

The actual costs for a service provided may change based upon the specific care provided at the time of service.

Some services may include professional fee’s that would be additional to hospital costs for the test. You may receive a separate charge for those professional services if they are used for the test you are estimating.

This is a list of all professional services affiliated with Sioux Center Health.

What if I change insurance or my insurance doesn’t cover this care?

The estimate is only valid for the insurance information you provide during the estimate process. Estimates will vary based on insurance plan coverage. If you are not covered by insurance or become uninsured, you may qualify for insurance under the Affordable Care Act or Sioux Center Health’s Financial Specialists will help you in finding assistance based on your need.

What about Cosmetic tests or procedures?

For Cosmetic tests or procedures, please reach out to our Sioux Center Health Financial Specialist team at 712-722-8435 and they will work with you on providing the pricing and estimated costs for these cosmetic services, as they are not typically covered by insurance companies.

What about my privacy?

This estimate may contain private information that is legally protected. It’s only for you to use. If you are not the patient, you need to know that sharing, copying, or acting on this information is against the law.


  • Your Insurance Allowable Amount: The estimated rate your insurance company has agreed to pay for each service provided.
  • Your Insurance Co-Pay Amount: The amount which your insurance company expects you to pay upon each visit.
  • Your Insurance Deductible Amount: The amount you have to pay each year before your plan starts paying benefits.
  • Your Co-Insurance Amount: The percentage of the amount covered that your insurance requires you to pay.
  • Your Estimated Cost: The estimated amount you will be responsible for paying.


The information provided is a hospital estimate and is not a guarantee of final billed charges. Final billed charges may vary from hospital estimates for many reasons, among them are the patient’s medical condition, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis and recommended treatment ordered by the physician. Professional fees, such as physician, radiologist, anesthesiologist and pathologist fees are not included in this estimate. Insurance benefit information (where applicable) is based on information provided by your insurance company as of the date of this estimate. Benefits and eligibility are subject to change and are not a guarantee of payment.

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