man and woman stretching before exercise in park

Mental health is one of the most affected areas of our well-being during a pandemic, as proven by COVID-19. As such, recommendations have come from many organizations, both locally and internationally, on the importance of maintaining our mental stability. In fact, these suggestions are ideal since the constant lockdowns, social and physical distancing, and curfews have been causing many of us to become stressed. From one of our previous posts, you know that stress can evoke feelings of emotional strain and pressure and may also be quite harmful to our mental health and our overall well-being if not quickly and efficiently addressed. So let’s look at a few healthy ways that we can comfortably relieve stress during a pandemic.

Find A Hobby

Having something fun and engaging to do always helps to relax the mind while passing the time. Think about the things you are interested in and choose an activity based on one or a combination of your interests. Bear in mind that you could be at home during pandemics for a few days, so it’s best to pick an activity that you can do indoors and outdoors.

Maintain Communication With Loved Ones

We are all social beings, and so no matter how down we may be feeling, just having a conversation with the right person about anything can be a treat. Having a good laugh over a video or phone conversation will help release hormones that promote happiness and eventually cause us to forget that we were even upset because we fall so deep into conversation.


Nothing beats the feeling of a good workout; for years, practitioners have recommended it as an efficient measure to relieve stress and for good reasons. Exercising stimulates the release of endorphins, which causes us to feel good and have an overall positive feeling. Possibly any type of exercise can divert our attention from our daily concerns, so you don’t need to have a strenuous routine. Choose something simple and get moving. Before undertaking any form of exercise program, consult your doctor to ensure it is safe for you.

Practice Good Eating Habits

Did you know that eating a healthy meal on time aids with reducing the adverse effects of stress on your body? During a pandemic, especially if you are stuck at home for a week or two and your favorite restaurants are closed, or if you get tired of cooking and decide to order-in, it’s best to choose healthy options. It may be tiring for persons cooking at home, but meal prep over the weekend can help make the daily process more manageable and less stressful. Since stress causes an increase in blood pressure and there is a connection between the food we eat, blood flow, and brain health, it’s best to eat to absorb nutrients from healthy foods to regulate blood flow in the body. Additionally, cooking can be fun!

We understand that during a pandemic, self-health gets neglected, but let us aim for a change. So pick up the phone, do something fun, get active, and eat well. Practice these four healthy stress relievers during a pandemic to ensure we all get out on the better side!