Far From Home But Not Far From Excellent Care!

If you told me at the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic my future would include spending 12 days in the a hospital located 1,300 miles from my home, I would have thought that cannot be possible!

But sure enough, that’s what happened. While making a personal trip to Sioux Center, I came down with COVID 19. As it became clear I was going to need medical help, I turned to Sioux Center Health and I’m glad I did!

They stayed in contact with my wife, helping her understand my condition and what treatments I was receiving, and answering every question she had until she could arrive to the hospital in person from Pennsylvania.

We are grateful for the outstanding care and healing that I experienced during a “bad case” of COVID-19 that went to my lungs.

Thank you Sioux Center Health!

–Steve Haney, Patient