Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center Avera achieved one of the largest fundraisers in the history of Sioux County for their “Built Around You” capital campaign. The campaign raised $12.8 million from area residents to help pay for a new $48.5 million hospital and medical clinic opening in 2014.
“This is an unbelievable accomplishment from a community of our size,” said Ken Smit, Foundation Director.  “Our initial goal for this project was $10 million, but after a very successful silent campaign we felt that $12 million was achievable. I can’t thank our community enough for their generous support; they exceeded our goal by $800,000.”
The new 123,500 sq. ft. facility will replace the current hospital built in 1951 located on Highway 75. The existing facility is not capable of expanding the outpatient and specialty services that are changing the landscape of healthcare delivery. The new medical campus will serve as the prominent healthcare facility for a growing community and aging population.
In total, the 1,716 gifts and pledges will help pay for 25% of the entire project to build a new hospital in Sioux Center. The successful campaign helped secure the committed funds of $26 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development Program.  The remaining funds will come from bonds and hospital reserves.
“What the community has done is really overwhelming,” said Les Brommer, Sioux Center Community Hospital Foundation Board President. “We can’t thank our donors and partners enough for the blessing they have given us. Many successful campaigns have a few large donors, but we were able to receive almost 700 individual donations from all over the area.”
To help reach their fundraising goal, the Foundation put together a Campaign Executive Committee to raise money for the facility. A total of 13 community volunteers were selected to lead the “Built Around You” capital campaign that lasted over 2 years.
“I was amazed by the overall support from this community,” said Dale Den Herder, Co-Chairman of the committee. “Just like our founders did back in 1946, we raised enough money to keep high-quality healthcare close to home for our future generations. That is something to be proud of.”
Members of the Campaign Executive Committee were Dale Den Herder (Co-Chair), Kirk Hulstein (Co-Chair), Doug Boone, Les Brommer, John Byl, Verlyn De Wit, Rob Kroese, Stan Speer, Darrell Vermeer, Dennis Walstra, Dennis Wright, John Franken and Ardene Ver Hoef.