Logo - Sioux Center Health 2x

Sioux Center Community Hospital & Health Center Avera today announced a new name and logo for the replacement facility. The highly anticipated 123,500 (sq ft) hospital and medical clinic is scheduled to open March 2014. 
“We are excited to announce that Sioux Center Health will be the official name for the new hospital and medical clinic,” said Kayleen Lee, CEO. “It’s a name that is sensitive to our rich history, yet an evolution in terms of being considered more than just a hospital.” 
Continuing its push into more of a health and wellness focus, Sioux Center Health will become the unified brand that connects their entire continuum of care services. Where SCCH & HC once started as an inpatient care facility, they now expand to a full continuum of care health services including: a hospital, medical clinic, specialty physician clinics, a skilled nursing facility, two assisted living facilities and a daycare center.
“We wanted to put a fresh face on the replacement facility that brings new life and excitement into our ministry,” said Matt Toering, Director of Marketing & Public Relations.  “The new name really signifies our desire to unite all of our health care services into one authentic brand.”
The rebranding process began a year ago; gathering feedback from community stakeholders and focus groups to learn where they believe the health ministry is heading over the next 20 years. The goal was to create a new name, logo and mission statement that inspired both employees and community while better reflecting their growing health ministry.
SCCH & HC took a three-pronged approach to the rebranding process; to unify, simplify and amplify. The objectives were to unify key stakeholders, simplify the brand identity and amplify the new mission statement.  A presentation titled “One brand. One mission.” was used to notify employees of the new name and mission statement that will resonate with the full continuum of care services. The simplified mission statement was reduced from twenty-eight words to only seven.
“Our new mission is to bring hope, health and healing to life,” said Mrs. Lee. “It’s a perfect statement that we can live out each and every day, and it’s something our organization will strive for over the next 20 years.”
In addition to a new name and mission, the team set out to design a logo that better reflects their Christian-based health ministry. The idea of an abstract cross gained overwhelming approval which consists of 4 shapes that come together to form a cross.  Each shape represents their five keys: ministry, people, service, quality and financial stewardship.
“We feel that our five keys to excellence are very important to us, and this cross perfectly signifies our keys wrapping around our ministry,” said Mr. Toering. “It’s exciting to see that our new logo tells a story that reflects the core reason why we exist, and that is our ministry.”
The four colors will identify certain areas within the organization. So for example, Senior Service areas (such as Crown Pointe or Royale Meadows) will be using the color purple as their primary color. Other areas will include the hospital (green), clinics (orange) and therapy services (blue). The colors were chosen carefully based on the scientific color theory of the CMYK color wheel. 
“We have a lot of sub-brands within our larger health system, so we felt a color scheme was a great way to give certain areas their own unique character,” said Mr. Toering. “The design and colors suggest constant movement, and we like that our logo brings them all together.”