Due to the well-known fact that most men don’t like going to the doctor, getting your dad to receive regular checkups is probably one of the biggest challenges that almost all sons and daughters will eventually face. The good news is that there are many successful ways to encourage your dad to go see a doctor without ruining your father/daughter or father/son relationship. Here are some of the tactics that you should know.

Seek Family Support

One of the first steps to getting your dad to go see a doctor is to seek family support. A trusted family member may be able to approach the issue in a way that your dad may be more receptive to. Just remember to request the help of loved ones who your dad highly respects. Highly respected family members may include nephews, cousins, aunts, and uncles. In some cases, you may even want to request the help of a close family friend. After going through all of these tactics discussed below, you’ll definitely be glad that you did.

Tell Dad That He Is A Great Role Model

Before you use any tactics to urge your dad to see a doctor, you’ll want to remind him that he’s already a great role model. If your dad encouraged you to practice healthy habits as a kid, don’t hesitate to tell him how much those positive behaviors benefited your adult life, from drinking lots of water to avoid dehydration to exercising regularly to maintain a healthy weight.

When you express to your dad that he is a great role model for his kids and grandkids, he’ll be much more willing to live up to this noteworthy title and receptive to your thoughts about him receiving a regular checkup soon.

Remind Your Dad of The Importance of Seeing A Doctor

Most dads mistakenly believe that doctors are for wimps, but your dad doesn’t have to believe this common myth. The truth of the matter is that visiting a doctor regularly can stop preventative diseases right in their tracks.

So, instead of simply telling your dad that he needs to go to the doctor to receive a vaccine, remind him that getting the vaccine will prevent him from being inflicted with a deadly illness.

If your dad doesn’t like to be bossed around, you’ll also want to remind him that the doctor isn’t allowed to administer any medication or treatment without his consent. He’ll be very happy to know that important information.

Talk About His Family History 

After talking about the importance of regular checkups, you’ll also want to discuss how his family members have greatly benefited from seeing a doctor. During this important discussion, you’ll also be able to remind him of the illnesses in his family and why these diseases should be treated properly under a doctor’s care. Once he remembers that certain illnesses run in his family, he may be encouraged to seek preventative treatment as soon as possible.

Give Dad The Opportunity To Choose The Doctor

Some of the reasons why dads may refuse to schedule regular checkups is because of the doctor’s difference in gender, culture, or education. After learning this simple fact, it’s important to encourage your dad to choose a primary care provider that he is actually comfortable around.

If your dad prefers a physician who practices Western-Style Medicine, you’ll want to make it a priority to look for these types of physicians online. On the other hand, your dad may prefer a female doctor, so you’ll want to make sure to take this important preference into consideration, too. Additionally, if your dad doesn’t like the sight of hospitals, make sure that you search for a physician who works at a small, independent practice or even a drugstore.

Regardless of your dad’s personal doctor preference, you’ll want to help him schedule a consultation with possible doctors so that he can meet with them before being examined.

Offer to Schedule A Routine Checkup Together

For most dads, going to the doctor isn’t nearly as stressful if their daughter or son receives a checkup, as well. Along with making the entire experience more casual and relaxed, going to the doctor with your dad also removes the thought that he is the only one with a problem.

Here are some examples of things you could say to approach this situation:

-“Dad, I thought it would be a great idea to attend our checkups together this year. I know that I always felt less nervous going to the doctor with you as a child.”

-“Hi Dad. I know that going to the doctor isn’t fun for either one of us. Let’s make this occasion easier by scheduling our checkups together this time.

The bottom line is that you need to make it seem like your dad is mostly going to get a checkup to support you rather than the other way around. Dads are far more inclined to receive regular checkups using this extremely effective approach.

Keep the Trip Fun and Easy

Many dads have personal grudges against doctors, so it’s a good idea to create a checkup experience that doesn’t remind him of those awful clinical walls.

One successful tactic is to schedule an appointment with a doctor who works out of a drugstore so that the journey to the doctor feels less tedious and mundane. While your dad is at the drugstore, he can even shop for his medication and other essential items.

When all is said and done, the trip to the doctor will actually feel more like a fun excursion to the drugstore.

Make Sure To Keep Things In Perspective

Although getting your dad to see a doctor is definitely important, you must always remember that he will be making the final decision in regards to his medical treatment. After trying all of these tactics, it’s important to remember that you can only do so much, and you shouldn’t over-stress about this issue if your dad isn’t budging.

Please note: If your dad is at risk of harming himself or another person, you must seek professional help for this situation immediately.