Devoloping a child's skills with pediatric therapy

The early years of a child’s life are the most important. It is during these years that they learn the most and progress through very important milestones. However, not every child will successfully achieve all milestones, and these challenges usually indicate an underlying developmental issue or disability.

To help resolve or reduce these challenges and help your child achieve as many milestones as they can, we offer pediatric therapy.

What is Pediatric Therapy?

Pediatric therapy is meant to help your child reach their maximum potential. This form of healthcare specializes in using occupational, speech, physical and other therapies. These help boost your child’s development and their chance to have a more fulfilling life.

At Sioux Center Health, we take a holistic approach to caring for your child in a personalized way. And in this blog post, we will look at the importance of pediatric therapy, the conditions it benefits, and the services we offer.

The Importance of Pediatric Therapy

It is essential that your child becomes an independent adult as they grow older, in order to make that possible or somewhat achievable, a child with any condition that affects their ability to carry out basic tasks and socialize appropriately.

Pediatric therapy can play a vital role in the lives of children with developmental delays, disabilities, and other issues that hinder their progress and ability to carry out activities of daily living.

The Many Benefits

The skills that pediatric therapy can assist your child to develop enable them to practice activities that are relevant to self-care. Such as bathing, brushing their teeth, combing their hair, and getting dressed. Additionally, they may progress as far as to be able to assist you with household chores, like raking the yard or making a quick sandwich.

More importantly, they may gain social skills so that they can get enrolled in school or other social institutions, preparing them for adulthood, and the professional workplace setting.

Here are some other benefits your child is likely to gain from pediatric therapy:

  • playing with toys and puzzles using fine motor skills
  • climbing up and down stairs
  • improved balance
  • holding and using a pencil at the appropriate age
  • improved spacing of words
  • holding and using utensils, cups, plates, or straws at the appropriate age
  • improved ability to recognize letters and words
  • using zippers, buttons, shoelaces
  • developed the ability to initiate play without an adult’s intervention
  • coloring, drawing, tracing, prewriting shapes
  • less repetitive play
  • poor handwriting, letter/number formation
  • better able to understand the concept of sharing and practice it
  • not developing a hand dominance at an age-appropriate time
  • coordinating both sides of the body

Our Approach

Sioux Center Health cares about the well-being of your child and understands the importance of having them develop as normally as possible. We also know that each patient is their own individual regardless of the similarity of their condition.

As such, we take the journey with you and your child in a personalized manner to ensure you and your child have the support you need. Furthermore, we offer pediatric therapy for a variety of orthopedic, developmental, and neuromuscular conditions. We want to help you improve your child’s ability to function as part of the family and their community.

Pediatric therapy is beneficial to children who face challenges with independently doing certain daily activities, like getting dressed, using the toilet, or feeding themselves. For such issues, we take a personalized approach, as each child is different, even if they have the same diagnosis.

Our aim is to help your child successfully achieve all the developmental milestones. So, we offer pediatric care for a range of conditions to help your child prepare for the most normal and the healthiest life achievable. Contact us for more information.


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