Progress Led By Community Support

With forty-four percent (44%) of construction coming from local subcontractors, the highly anticipated 123,500 (sq ft) hospital and medical clinic is on schedule for grand opening Spring 2014.

“Stepping into the facility, I’m amazed by how fast progress is being made,” said Dale Vander Berg, Building Committee Chair. “It’s great to see so many local sub-contractors involved in the project, and we know our general contractor Kraus-Anderson is doing a tremendous job on such a huge project like this.”
If you peak inside the new facility, interior walls, electrical and mechanical rough-ins are being installed by many local sub-contractors such as: Schelling Construction, Interstates, Ten Credit, A&K, Waalstra Plumbing & Heating and Prairie Sons. Over the next few weeks, this framing will allow for dry walling and installation of major electrical and mechanical equipment.

On the exterior, reflective stone from Mankato, MN creates a really nice affect that blends well with the landscape of Sioux Center. Over the next couple of weeks, parking areas will be paved with exterior windows and the remaining masonry installed. A small pond on the south side of the facility is already filled with water because of the generous rainfall this spring. In the future, a healing garden will be located next to the pond for patients, visitors and the community to enjoy.

“Community involvement was the key driver to make this project happen,” said Board President Stan Speer. “From the successful capital campaign of raising $12.8 million to the local sub-contractors involved in the project, everyone is stepping up and it shows how important this health ministry really is to our community.”
An opening date has not been set yet, but hospital leaders anticipate the construction completing shortly after the first of 2014. Move-in preparations and staff training will follow once the construction is complete for an anticipated grand opening early spring 2014.

One unique design aspect that sticks out in the new facility is the Town Center. The tall ceilings and circular shape of the interior maximizes convenient access and optimizes way finding for patients. Once you walk into the main entrance, registration desks for the clinic and/or hospital will be visibly apparent.

“Almost all of our departments are visible from the Town Center, making it easy to find where you need to go,” said CEO Kayleen Lee. “We also made private waiting rooms to increase privacy for our patients. Privacy was a big concern during our focus groups and we made sure to incorporate their concerns into our design.”

Large windows fill the acute care and birthing center patient rooms to promote a healing environment that is shown to improve recovery. Patients will have an excellent view of green space, water and the local landscape. 

Patient- and family-centered care was a major focus during the design of the facility. The patient rooms will be family friendly and allow for guests to have comfortable sitting arrangements and amenities. The building design has additional space to accommodate the growing trend of same-day surgeries and specialty care.

“I am very happy with how our community really came together to help make this happen,” says Stan Speer. “The hard work and proper planning of our Building Committee and staff is allowing us to maximize every square foot in the new facility. It reflects the needs of our community and I am very proud of that.”

Members of the Building Committee include: Dale Vander Berg (Building Committee Chair), Stan Speer (Board President), Lauren Kaemingk and Con Van Roekel.