Sioux Center Health expanded its services this spring by opening a Same-Day Clinic option through its Family Medicine Clinic.

The idea for the service came out of how the clinic changed operations during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, said Clinical Medical Director, Dr. Scott Rens.

“We created a Respiratory Clinic within the Family Medicine Clinic where those with COVID symptoms went and were able to be looked at the day they called in,” Rens said. “The Family Medicine Clinic saw value in being able to see and assess patients and be able to treat them or test them as soon as we could.

“We felt the same day access that the Respiratory Clinic gave us was essential during the pandemic and now we’re trying to tailor it to typical every day use in Family Medicine Clinic.”

The Same-Day Clinic option is open by appointment only, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

“While doctors try to keep spots open in their day for some of their regular patients, it just can’t always happen,” Rens said.

By offering a Same-Day Clinic option, Rens said one of his regular patients who wakes up with a sore throat, for example, and may have to wait to see him for a couple of days because of his schedule could call and make an appointment to be seen in the same-day portion of the clinic.

“In the past we had someone on call for the morning and someone for the afternoon but setting up a specific Same-Day Clinic allows one person to be assigned to that clinic so they don’t have to deal with some of the extra stuff that being on call deals with,” Rens said.

The Family Medicine Clinic’s staff of seven nurse practitioners and physician assistants will be the main providers of the Same-Day Clinic.

The Same-Day Clinic will only be offered through Sioux Center Health’s in-town location. The option is not available at its Hull or Hawarden Medical Clinic branches.

“In essence expanding what we were already doing to try to serve our patients,” Rens said.


Published by Sioux Center News