The Sioux Center Health Foundation is pleased to announce Dorinda Oostenink as the new Foundation Director. Dorinda grew up on a farm north of Hull, Iowa, and graduated from Boyden-Hull High School in Hull. Most recently, she worked for Cooperative Credit Company (CCC) in agriculture finance. Prior to that, she worked for USDA Rural Development in LeMars, which was her first real introduction to Sioux Center Health while working on the new hospital project from the USDA side of things. Over time, Dorinda had the opportunity to serve on the Greater Board for Sioux Center Health, which continued to help her see the value of healthcare in our communities. In working for both the USDA and CCC, she has learned the value of relationships. Building relationships and forming partnerships for the future to come is what is most exciting to her about working as the Foundation Director for Sioux Center Health. Dorinda is looking forward to project completions, such as the Crown Pointe Estates and gearing up for the annual Swinging Fore Scholarships Foundation Golf Tournament.

As the Foundation Director, Dorinda will be active within the community and instrumental to the future success of our health ministry. Her position will guide the activities of the Sioux Center Health Foundation, foster donor partnerships, and will assist with raising funds that reach the lives of our patients and many people in our community. Gifts to the Sioux Center Health Foundation allow us to continue our unwavering commitment of offering high-quality health care right here in our community.

Dorinda and her husband, Brian, have been married for just about 18 years and have 3 children. Blake (Junior), Bryce (Freshman), and Anna (7th). They live in Sioux Center and frequent the family farm, which is located between Hull and Rock Valley. In her free time, she enjoys singing, helping out with children’s music ministry at church, golfing, and spending time out at the

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