As of Jan. 2, Hawarden Family Medical Clinic has merged services with Sioux Center Health to form Sioux Center Health Hawarden Medical Clinic.
The main goal of the merge is to provide the best care possible to all individuals in the region.
“Really over the number of years, we have had a lot of folks from Hawarden coming over to Sioux Center,” said Sioux Center Health CEO Cory Nelson, 49. “It only made sense, when we were discussing with Dr. [Monte] Harvey, potential collaborations with him, that we provide opportunities in Hawarden so they don’t have to travel for their care. It provides that quality of care close to home.”
Discussions for the merge began late summer, early fall of 2018. Providing additional services in the Hawarden area was the first item Sioux Center Health brought to Harvey’s table.
Nelson mentioned the possibility of providing obstetric services in Hawarden and said the conversation stemmed from that. As of now, there is no OB services available in Hawarden. Nelson said this is not something Sioux Center Health Hawarden Medical Clinic will provide right away, but discussions are being had about what services the community needs.
“We started talking about what might work for both parties,” Nelson said. “Dr. Harvey started talking about wanting to slow down a little bit, so it grew out of those discussions into us acquiring the clinic and him wanting to partner with us and work with us part time.”
“We want to make sure we work with the community to figure out what the community wants us to bring that may not be there,” Nelson said. “We are trying to work to make sure all of Dr. Harvey’s patients continue to get all their needs met as well as all the patients coming to Sioux Center. As we get our feet on the ground and start talking to folks over there, we will figure out what those next services will be.”
Harvey has more than 40 years of serving the Hawarden community. In deciding to slow down in his practice, he is planning to see patients two days a week, typically Mondays and Tuesdays, until further notice.

Joining Harvey, will be Dr. Daniel Vanden Bosch and ARNP Anne Hooyer. Hooyer previously practiced 15 years at the Hawarden Community Clinic.

“I can tell you Anne is just as excited to be back in the Hawarden area as her patients are,” Nelson said. “She has had quite a following over here from that region and those patients have been a passion of hers.”

Hooyer plans to see patients Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Sioux Center Health Hawarden Medical Clinic. Vanden Bosch will see patients on Thursday and Friday.
“What they will be doing is really taking that team approach to medicine,” Nelson said. “They are both going to know what each other’s patients are needing, so that if one of them isn’t there that day and a patient needs care, they are able to get a nice coordinated care and don’t feel like they are walking in and seeing somebody knew again. That is really what we are looking for — really good coordinated care for the region. They are both very excited to be there.”
Labs, as of now, will be drawn at the clinic.
“If they want to have them drawn someplace else, that is certainly up to them and their health care decisions,” Nelson said.
The same will go for hospitalizations, radiological services and therapy services.
“Absolutely, we want to do what is best in the patients interest, having them involved in the decision making,” Nelson said. “That is at the forefront of every decision our providers make.”
Nelson said conversations have been made to ensure Sioux Center Health is aware of the services provided at Hawarden Regional Healthcare and discussions have been good between the two entities. Nelson stressed the fact that each patient will be asked where and what services they want provided to them.
“They may not want to drive out of town to get an X-ray or an MRI or CT, and if they want to get those services locally at the hospital, that is probably what they should do,” he said.

Nelson said Sioux Center Health has worked hard to retain the staff who work with Harvey and the potential for nursing employment is positive.
“We really want to be a partner in the community of Hawarden,” Nelson said.
An open house is being planned, with no date set at the time of publication. Anyone with questions or to make an appointment call 712-551-1000.
Business: Sioux Center Health Hawarden Medical Clinic
Address: 920 Ave F, Hawarden, IA
Hours: 8am – 5pm
Phone: 1-712-551-1000