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Emergency room waiting times one of key measurements for award
Sioux Center Health has been named one of America’s Best Hospitals for Emergency Care by the 2019 Women’s Choice Award, a referral source for the best in health care.
The award signifies that Sioux Center Health is in the top 6 percent of 3,726 U.S. hospitals offering emergency care services.
“We have a number of American’s Best awards but this is the first time for the ER,” said Sioux Center Health CEO Cory Nelson. “We want to make sure with the hospital in all of our services that when patients need care, they get care quickly, whether that’s an appointment with a regular provider in the clinic or even more-so in the ER.”
Minutes matter, especially in the emergency department.
“Certain diagnoses, like cardiac or stroke, minutes mean lives,” Nelson said. “We know the amount of time it takes for us to respond to those situations is critical to the success of those individuals.”
The methodology for America’s Best Hospitals for Emergency Care award combines Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey results with primary research about women’s health care preferences.
The award recognizes excellence in emergency care based on several processes of care measures focused on time patients spent in the emergency department, including:
·  Time to admission.
·  Time from admission to room.
·  Door to diagnosis.
Criteria for selecting Sioux Center Health as one of America’s best also included the average time before outpatients with chest pain or a possible heart attack received an electrocardiogram and the average time patients with broken bones had to wait before getting pain medication.
Awarded hospitals represent those with emergency departments with average measure times in the highest 25-50 percentile in the country.
“Emergency departments can be very stressful environments, particularly for the elderly or a mother with a sick or injured child,” said Delia Passi, founder and CEO of the Women’s Choice Award. “Women make over 80 percent of health care decisions and want to be confident that they know which emergency departments in their communities will take care of their loved ones quickly and with the best possible care.”
Sioux Center Health is one of 313 award recipients representing the hospitals that have met the highest standards for emergency care in the U.S. by the Women’s Choice Award.
Courtesy of the Sioux Center News