Nurse attending a newborn baby

To experience motherhood is no less than a blessing for every woman who becomes pregnant. What a divine phenomenon it is that God has chosen women to bring life into this world. They not only carry and nurture the baby within their bodies for nine months but continue to care for that child throughout their life. Possibly the most anticipated and one of the most crucial parts of this whole process is the time of birth.

It is at this point, that an expectant mother brings her loved one into the world. To make this experience as smooth and safe as possible and a memorable one for you, Sioux Center Health brings you the finest maternity facility at Sioux Center Health’s Birthing Center.

If you are expecting a child soon and are confused about whether to choose a hospital or a birthing center for your delivery, this article is for you!

What is a Birthing Center?

A birthing center is a healthcare facility exclusively set for labor, childbirth, and delivery services. It is not like your usual maternity ward in a hospital or a private gynecology clinic. We assist you with both prenatal and postpartum services. Staff includes trained nurses and physicians who help the women in labor, doing everything possible to make it easier for them.

Staff are trained health professionals with extensive experience in their respective fields. They take care of the mother throughout the process; monitor her health during and after pregnancy, and address any problems she or the baby in her whom may have. They also ensure high, intensive care for the newborn. Much like hospitals, but with a home-like ambiance, emphasizing the normality of birth as much as possible.

The Difference Between a Birthing Center and A Maternity Ward

Here are some potential factors that differentiate a birthing center from a typical maternity ward.

Comfortable accommodation

Sioux Center Health’s Birthing Center is  more comfortable than a usual hospital ward. It has soft lighting and atypical maternity ward furniture, including double beds, couches, television, rocking chairs, etc. The rooms have a lot of features to help you feel at home.

Enhanced privacy

Expectant mothers enjoy private rooms. They are free to walk around in clothing that makes them comfortable and this also keeps personal time with friends and family private.

Family Support

Sioux Center Health’s Birthing Center helps the expecting mother to have her family around during her labor. She can enjoy full family support throughout the process. Her baby won’t be whisked off to another room like that which is typical at hospitals.

What are our Qualities?

A good birthing center offers primary care during the whole pregnancy. They usually have low to moderate patient influx and their services are mostly patient-centered. Every patient is treated the same, ensuring that they are at ease during such a crucial phase. The nurses are properly trained including mannerisms and empathy; and genuinely care about you and your baby. These professionals have adequate knowledge of the entire pregnancy to delivery process and they make sure to smoothen it with regular checkups and monitoring. This is precisely what  Sioux Center Health’s Birthing Center offers and more.

Good birthing centers are always associated with a health center or hospital so that in case of any emergency, the patient can be transferred to advanced care. They have a lower risk of C-sections and prefer normal deliveries. Plus, they are equipped with every necessity for the patient’s comfort. Safety, privacy, and comfort are the three main drivers of a good birthing center.


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