Marvin Kaptein

On January 21, 2020, Marvin Kaptein from Sioux Center was having a regular morning getting ready for work when suddenly, his vision tripled and the morning was no longer what he had imagined. Along with his eyesight, an intense headache flooded his mind and he had trouble with his balance. He made an appointment with the eye doctor but could not stand the symptoms any longer and decided to go to the Emergency at Sioux Center Health.

The symptoms Marvin was experiencing were confirmed to be a stroke. Despite the scariness of the situation, he felt the care from each team and department as they worked through his case. “When we arrived to the ER, the nurses working were very professional, friendly, and very informative. The nurses in the MRI room were also friendly and personal,” Marvin stated. “The physician on duty, Dr. Koelewyn, was very thorough and did several reference calls from specialists and other doctors. I was very appreciative and his concern. I was sent to a special care unit for 3 days and the nurses were excellent. They were very thorough and showed a lot of care. They were always looking after our behalf.”

“Now, everyone knows hospital beds are not the most comfortable,” Marvin added. “Before lights were out at night they would always come and adjust the bed and my pillow to be sure I was comfortable and slept like a log.”

During his stay, Marvin experienced special help from each department, including admission, lab, dietary, home health, and the physical and occupational therapists. “We cannot say enough thanks to everyone and Sioux Center Health. And to top it all off, there were three young ladies from admissions that made Kathy and I a meal on the night they dismissed me.” When Marvin got settled back at home, the various Sioux Center Health team members made sure that he was safe as he adjusted to his physical handicaps from the stroke.

“I was joking with Kathy one day, if I saw an ambulance going the wrong way I would stop them and tell them you are going the wrong way pal, Sioux Center is that way and they have the best care for a patient that you can find.”

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