Whether you’re taking a hike, heading to the lake or celebrating with friends, summer is a time to enjoy. We hope you can make the most of it this year – safely.

Our team at Sioux Center Health is always ready to help you if something goes wrong. We hope you’ll consider these tips as you make the most of a healthy season in the sun.

Use Sunscreen and Protect Your Eyes

Wearing sunscreen keeps your skin healthy. Practice wearing it every day, and use products with SPF of at least 30. When the sun is blazing it’s also important to wear sunglasses that block harmful UV rays to protect your eyes.

Drink More Water

Drinking water is a healthy habit year-round. However, the summer heat can make it more difficult to stay hydrated. Drinking water consistently throughout the day or keeping a water bottle with you can help.

Cool Off, but Be Careful

A trip to the pool or lake is a great way to beat the heat. But drowning is a serious threat – especially for younger kids. Ensure they wear well-fitted lifejackets. Have a supervising adult serve as a “water watcher.” If you are out on a boat, use your lifejacket – 100% of the time.

Practice Fire Safety

Fireworks and campfires are enjoyable, but they can result in dangerous situations. Knowing how to properly light and dispose of fireworks will keep the celebration fun and safe for everyone. It is also important to know when it is too hot and dry to light fireworks or a bonfire. The dry heat can make it more difficult to put out the fire when needed.

Watch for Heat-Related Illnesses

Summer sun can lead to heat-related illnesses. These steps can help avoid them:

    • Wear light-colored clothing to keep your body cool.
    • Take frequent breaks to rest in the shade and rehydrate, and know your limits.
    • Watch for signs of heat stroke and exhaustion. They are emergencies – call 911 when in doubt.
Safe Travels

Travel can be a part of summer holidays and vacations. Make sure you and your loved ones are wearing a seatbelt at all times to keep everyone safe. For little ones, make sure they are in a secure car seat so they can enjoy the summer drive, too.

Practicing Safe Food Preparation

Summertime brings barbeques, picnics and lots of time to eat outside. When planning a meal in the summer, make sure you are continuing to practice food preparation safety.

      • Keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot; avoid food between the temperatures of 40 and 140 degrees.
      • Wash your hands frequently and effectively.
      • Don’t cross-contaminate; always change out your knives and cutting boards when prepping raw meat.
Enjoy the Fun – You Deserve It

Summer heat can force you to get creative. Embrace the air conditioning with a movie night or plan a family-made summertime snack. As a season of holidays and vacations, remember to enjoy it, and the ways to do so are unlimited.

If needed, our emergency and urgent care services are always ready. Have a happy hot-and-sunny summer, everyone!