Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle can be easy during the warmer months, but once the cold months start approaching, it can make it difficult to continue with our healthy habits especially because of the holiday dishes. Although those savory holiday dishes are something, we all look forward to it does not mean that we should be stuffing our faces throughout the holidays.


Avoiding a lot of desserts and other treats may seem cruel when we are surrounded by delicious food practically every day during the holidays, but it can really help keep our healthy lifestyles in check. Not only is this time of year important so we can reach our summer goals, but it is also the time of year where a lot of people become sick more frequently. Keeping an eye out on what we eat and our environment around us can prove to be beneficial in the long run.



Drinking water is always a crucial part of our day because it keeps us hydrated along with keeping us looking and feeling great. It is also one of the key ways to prevent overeating food and desserts over the holidays because water can make us feel full faster. Therefore, it is recommended to drink water as soon as we wake up before we eat and before we go to sleep. Water can prevent us from overeating, weight gain, bloating, low energy, negative mood, headaches, digestion problems, and dry mouth.


Mindful Eating

To stop ourselves from overeating, we should pay close attention to the food that we are eating by savoring the taste, textures and the aroma of the food. Instead of eating while watching television or having an intense conversation, we should be practicing mindful eating. This is typically done in other countries where it is custom to eat in silence. It is important because when we are not paying attention when we are eating then we are more likely to miss that we are full thus resulting in overeating.


Healthy Substitutes

Instead of starting a new diet and restricting ourselves from eating certain foods anymore, we should opt for choosing healthier substitutes. We can begin by choosing to eat more vegetables and drinking a glass of water before we dig into anything heavy like meat. It will help us understand our bodies more by allowing us to see how veggies can improve our health and energy without making us give up on other foods.


Immune System

Adding healthier foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds will help our healthy eating during the holiday while boosting our immune system too. Eating veggies and fruits can boost our immune system since we will be consuming more vitamin C and vitamin A. This will help us, even more, when we are trying to avoid becoming sick or if we are fighting off any illnesses, especially if we are eating seeds and nuts since they contain zinc and selenium. Lastly, we need to be sure to get plenty of rest and continue drinking plenty of water to prevent our immune systems from becoming weak.



Working out during the colder months can make us dread wanting to leave our warm homes. Our workouts can also become difficult to work around because of all the holiday parties, shopping and completing our to-do lists. If we have too much to do then we won’t feel motivated enough to hit the gym but working around our busy holiday plans and splitting our workouts can make things more convenient for us, especially if it means that we are not missing our workouts. If this is the case, then working out in the morning and the evening by splitting up our usual workout in half can be helpful. Another alternative is to work out at home or walk.



The holidays can take a toll on anyone, no matter who they are or whether they were prepared for them or not. All the stuff that we must do before the holidays can make us forget to take a moment to relax. Instead of focusing on what you need to do, take this time to practice self-care by reading a book, watching a movie, painting, singing, walking, running or whatever makes you happy.


Change Your Mindset

Changing our eating habits can make us experience whiplash, especially if we are not allowing ourselves to eat our favorite snacks or dishes. Restricting ourselves from eating certain foods can lead to food binging and it will make us lose all the progress we have made. Instead of telling yourself you can never have something again, you just need to realize that you are in better control of your food choices and tell yourself it’s ok to eat it as long as you limit yourself and continue eating healthy.