Sioux Center Health was recently named one of the iVantage 2015 Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) in the United States. They are one of eight hospitals nationally earning this designation for the fifth straight year.
“We are delighted to receive the Top 100 designation for the fifth straight year,” said Kayleen Lee, Sioux Center Health CEO. “This is such a huge accomplishment and we are grateful for this national designation. Rural hospitals play a critical role in caring for communities, and I’m proud of the hard work our physicians and staff put in every day to ensure the best care for our patients and families.
Sioux Center Health scored among the best critical access hospitals on the iVantage Health Analytics. The Hospital Strength Index is first-ever comprehensive rating of CAHs and the results recognize the Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals that provide a “safety- net “to communities across rural America – measuring them across 62 performance metrics, including quality, outcomes, patient perspective, affordability, population risk and efficiency.
“Rural health care deserves the same performance analysis as all provider performance. It plays a vital role for communities across America, serving nearly 80 million people,” said Michael Topchik, Senior Vice President of iVantage Health Analytics. “The services provided in rural America are similar to those needed in any major metropolitan area, yet the volumes and economic resources provide little economies of scale, making for little benefit from scale. These top 100 Critical Access Hospitals exhibit a focused concern for their community benefits and needs, regardless of scale, reimbursement and people’s ability to pay.”
The list of the top 100 Critical Access Hospitals and more information about the study can be found at