Tips for Breastfeeding in the Hospital

Our goal is to help you successfully breastfeed your baby before you go home from the hospital. To help you succeed, we recommend the following:

  • Please keep the baby in the room with you. This will allow you to learn the early feeding cues, such as hands to the face, rooting, sucking on hands, and/or smacking lips.
  • If your baby has not breastfed for four hours, gently wake your baby. You can try to change a diaper, gentle massage, turn the lights down, and place your baby in skin-to-skin care.
  • You can not spoil your baby; attending to their needs, and following baby-led feeding will be the key to your successful breastfeeding experience.
  • This is an important time for you and your baby to establish a wonderful breastfeeding relationship. It is okay to ask your visitors to step out of the room.

Please ask your nurse or the lactation consultant for assistance in verifying proper latch and positioning.