Breastfeeding Success Tips

Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding Success Tips

  • Breastfeed on demand – nurse the baby, not the clock. Baby’s tummy is tiny and breast milk digests rapidly because it’s the perfect food for your baby.
  • Breastfeed frequently in the hospital, even at night. Don’t have your baby fed in the nursery at night. Night feedings are critical to building up a milk supply.
  • Don’t supplement with formula unless medically indicated. Giving formula means your body doesn’t get the stimulation it needs to make more milk.
  • Don’t use pacifiers or artificial nipples in the first few weeks. Your baby sucks differently on these than at the breast. It can confuse the baby and affect his ability to nurse well.

How You Know Breastfeeding Is Going Well

  • Baby is eating 8-12 times in 24 hours – this is normal for newborns! Babies need to eat at night in order to get enough calories to grow.
  • Listen for swallowing; watch the baby’s output.
  • Expect at least one wet diaper per age in days during the first 4-5 days.
  • Watch for baby’s dirty diapers to turn yellow, as a sign of adequate breast milk intake – should occur by day five.

What Family And Friends Can Do

  • Bring in meals so mom can rest.
  • Offer to help with housework or laundry.
  • Offer to babysit other children in the home for a few hours.
  • Offer support! Because breastfeeding is best for your baby, support and encouragement are better than suggestions to quit breastfeeding or offer a bottle.
  • Help mom get to a visit with a lactation consultant if she’s having any breastfeeding challenges.