Care Transitions

What is Care Transitions?

Care Transitions is a continuation of your health care following discharge from the hospital. Care Transitions helps you better understand and manage your current acute or chronic health conditions. Its goal is to ease the transition from one health care setting to another, or between the hospital to your home. The program uses a team approach to help you meet your personal health goals and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.

How will I benefit from Care Transitions?

Care Transitions provides you with:

  • Additional support so you can understand and better manage your health
  • Education about your medications
  • Education on recognizing signs and symptoms that require medical attention
  • Resources to call for questions or concerns
  • Post-discharge assessment and assurance that you are receiving the most appropriate post-hospital health care services

How does Care Transitions work?

Care Transitions is provided free of charge and personalized to meet your health care needs. Based on your discharge assessment and recommendations from your health care team, a variety of services will be available to you, including:

  • Personalized education
  • Follow-up phone calls
  • A follow-up appointment with a provider
  • In-home visit, if you meet requirements
  • 24/7 contact with a health professional, as needed

How do I receive Care Transitions?

If you are interested in receiving additional care as you transition to the next step in your health recovery, please let a member of your health care team (physician/nurse) know that you would like to be included in Care Transitions. Someone from Care Transitions will visit with you prior to discharge and discuss the components of your care following discharge.

Contact Information

Sioux Center Health: (712) 722-1271
Discharge Coordinator: (712) 722-8152
Social Worker: (712) 722-8378

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