Assisted Living Memory Care

Assisted Living Memory Care in Iowa

A spectacle of trust, home structure, and personalized care

Assisted living is a type of housing community for people who need minimal assistance with daily activities, such as eating, maintaining hygiene, and moving around. It is an ideal setup for elderly people who still want to retain a home-like setting, but have access to varying levels of help as needed.

An assisted living memory care facility caters especially to patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Specialized caregivers supervise, support, and guide these patients every day to improve their quality of life.

While an assisted living memory care facility shares some similarities with a nursing home, the former offers memory-enhancing treatments and activities facilitated by dementia care professionals. Think of it as an “Alzheimer’s nursing home.” Memory care also involves higher security levels, as patients with memory loss are at risk of wandering off and getting lost.

Beyond the battle of memory troubles lie unique challenges and thus, unique needs. Our dedication to commit to meeting every person at every encounter does not end at the challenge, and we take each individual’s needs into account. Our compassionate team of senior care specialists is trained in Alzheimer’s disease and forms of dementia to provide the highest quality care to support families throughout the journey of caring for their loved one.

Willow Assisted Living Memory Care features 16 spacious, fully accessible private apartments with showers. We understand the importance of maintaining independence as safely as possible and have implemented evidence-based design for purposeful living. Activity and sensory stations allow for personalized activities. Those who live here will have the enjoyment of dining in comfort in a complete family-style kitchen with satellite warmers. An enclosed, private outdoor courtyard with natural sunlight provides a space for residents to enjoy the activities they love in the safety and privacy of their own home. A spectacle of trust, home structure, and personalized care makes Crown Pointe Estates a stand-out community.

Crown Pointe Estates Assisted Living Memory Care is dedicated to using the Montessori approach for older adults. The Montessori Method is person-centered and choice-driven. It is a way of living! We believe everyone needs a role and purpose within their community. Our goal is to help provide an environment where we have joyfully engaged older adults participating in tasks that are meaningful to them and that contribute to their neighborhood.

If one of your parents or grandparents need an Iowa memory care facility, contact Crown Pointe Estates at Sioux Center Health. Our team will gladly walk you through our assisted living memory care community. We also facilitate independent & assisted living for seniors without dementia.

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