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Crown Pointe Estates

Crown Pointe Estates is located on a beautifully landscaped 11-acre campus and offers independent and assisted living homes for residents. Crown Pointe Estates is more than a beautiful campus, it’s a place to stay active and engaged; a welcoming community where residents can enjoy the company of others or their privacy. Independent decision-making and living in a community surrounded by friends, helps our tenants maintain a positive outlook on life, which leads to living a happier and healthier life, a life with purpose.

For those who need a little help in their lives, an assisted living residence at Crown Pointe Estates can be a wonderful solution. Crown Pointe Estates is a home for residents where each day is fresh with opportunity and a positive outlook on life.

Support is available for everything from simple medication reminders to the activities of daily living like dressing, grooming, and bathing if needed. Each resident experience is approached individually and focuses on personal choice which helps us develop a care plan that keeps individuals engaged in life.

Aging people need more support, which is why the importance of caring for elderly parents or grandparents cannot be stressed enough. When it comes to senior care in Iowa, Crown Point Estates at Sioux Center Health is one of the best communities to be in for our elderly.

We know that continued quality of life is essential to the people who live here. Crown Pointe Estates at Sioux Center Health offers a complete continuum of care services for seniors – from independent and assisted living including memory care, skilled nursing care, and hospice and home care. Our vibrant ministry in the caring community of Sioux Center values empathy, fellowship, and faith. The Crown Pointe Estates is a place to call home in the heart of the Sioux Center community.

Our team of professionals work hard to give each individual the attention and love necessary as we commit to our mission of bringing hope, health, and healing to life. We believe that care is multi-faceted and requires attention to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Our services extend beyond nursing and doctoring, but also capture the important components of healthcare, including therapy, counseling, etc. We dedicate each of our services to meet the needs of those who live here at the level of care required to enrich their life, no matter the stage.

As we grow older, our needs and abilities change. But that does not mean we must go without others on our path to guide us toward hope, health, and healing. Our commitment to the continuum of care ensures that the needs of the people we care for are met at the level of service they require, at any point in their fulfilling lives. We know that every person who lives here is one that is loved, and that is entrusted to us, and we consider it an honor. Our team members consider those who live here as a family of our own and with each care provided bring that spectacle of trust to every person at every encounter.

If you would like to know more about senior care in Iowa or to get a tour of Crown Pointe Estates, please call (712) 722-8260 or fill out the form below.

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