Surgery Services

Surgery Center

Guided by Christian values, our mission is to bring hope, health, and healing to life. Each patient and family member receives the utmost care and attention at every encounter. Your unique health needs will be met by an experienced, skilled, surgical team using advanced technology and the best surgical options for you, conveniently located close to home and loved ones. Your surgical care may require inpatient services or be a same-day procedure.

Surgical Services at Sioux Center Health

Surgeons from a variety of specialties practice at Sioux Center Health and are skilled in both traditional and minimally-invasive surgical procedures.

Surgical and diagnostic services at Sioux Center Health’s Surgery Center include:

Our Surgical Center features 2 operating rooms, 2 endoscopy suites, a special procedures area, recovery, and 10 patient rooms. Our surgical team is also supported by highly-trained surgical technicians, who clean, pack, and sterilize all operating room supplies.

In addition, our surgeons and surgical specialties coordinate care with other departments, including Rehabilitative Services and Wound Care to help with your post-care recovery.

Your Surgery: What to Expect

When you are scheduled for surgery at Sioux Center Health, your surgeon’s office personnel will provide you detailed instructions on how to prepare for your specific procedure. Also, your surgeon’s office staff will assist you in scheduling a pre-surgical physical if necessary to assure you are healthy for your procedure. Our preadmissions team will contact you a day or two prior to surgery to confirm your arrival and scheduled procedure time, review your health history, and to answer any questions. If you are having a same-day procedure and will not be admitted overnight to the hospital, please arrange to have a licensed driver over age 18 available to drive you home. Additionally, please ensure you have an adult stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery.

The Day of Surgery

You will check in at the main entrance of Sioux Center Health unless directed to do otherwise. When ready, you will be escorted to your room where your nurse will make sure you are comfortable and prepared for your procedure.

Your recovery time post-procedure will vary based on the type of anesthesia/sedation you received. Depending on the procedure and your personal health, you may be in and out of the hospital on the same day, or you may be admitted for inpatient care.

If you have any other questions about your preparation, your procedure or any other concerns, please contact our preadmissions team at (712) 722-8316 or your doctor’s office. If you must cancel or reschedule your procedure, please call at least 24-36 hours in advance.

Family and Friends

Many patients are accompanied by family members or friends.  We seek to ensure that those supporting you are comfortable and informed without disrupting your care. A relative or friend can wait with you in your room while you are being prepared for your procedure.  After you are taken to the operating area, your guest can wait in your room or walk to the Garden Café or Gift Shop. With your permission, the physician will discuss the findings with your family member or friend after the procedure. For birthing surgeries, you can take a look at our birthing center and prenatal services.

The following amenities are offered for your guests:

  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and refreshments are available. The Garden Café is located a short walk away on the ground floor. The Gift Shop serves a variety of beverages and homemade bars and is located in the Town Center.

If you have any questions at any point, please ask us. Good communication and understanding are important elements of your care and healing.