Diagnostic Procedures

While external images such as x-rays, MRIs and CT scans can reveal much about health issues, sometimes the best screening is accomplished by getting a small camera inside the body. This can be done by using a long, flexible tube called an endoscope. Depending on the area of the body being imaged, the scope may be placed in the patient’s mouth and carefully pushed through the esophagus and stomach (esophagogastroduodenoscopy), or the scope may be entered in the patient’s body through the rectum and directed into the colon (colonoscopy).

In addition to providing images, scope procedures are also used to collect tissue samples.

Sioux Center Health has two endoscopy suites, which accommodate over 1,200 endoscopic procedures on an annual basis.  To assist with your comfort related to your procedure, we offer carbon dioxide for your procedure, which leads to less gas pain following your procedure because your body is able to naturally absorb this gas.