Physical Therapy and Sports Performance at the ASB Sports Complex

Physical Therapy and Sports Performance at the ASB Sports Complex

Sioux Center Health is excited to welcome Andrew Hoogeveen, DPT back to Sioux Center and looks forward to utilizing his unique skillset to benefit the community of Sioux Center. Andrew will be leading our therapy and performance programs at the ASB Sports Complex as we work to meet the needs of our growing community. Andrew has been a therapist for almost 12 years. His most recent experience includes treating teenagers through adults, high school and college athletes, weekend warriors, marathon runners, triathletes, and cross-fitters. Andrew is Full Body Level 2 Certified in Active Release Techniques (ART) and is 1 of 195 members of the ART Elite Provider Network across the United States.   This ART certification is a hands-on soft tissue technique that is great at identifying and addressing pain, stiffness, trigger points, and nerve entrapments. Every NFL team, MLB team, and many Power 5 college programs have at least one ART provider on staff.

We are thankful for the opportunity we have to be able to partner with Dordt University and the City of Sioux Center to have access to 1,000 square feet of dedicated space in the ASB Sports Complex.

Physical Therapy

  • Our goal is to continue offering exceptional physical therapy in a state-of-the-art facility right here in Sioux Center. The focus in this space will be on Sports and orthopedics by meeting the needs of all our middle school, high school, and college athletes in return to sports utilizing state-of-the-art equipment while also being able to access the turf.
  • Beyond Athletics, we can help anyone return to a desired level of activity, whether that be weekend warriors preparing for their next race, bikers who haven’t been able to get in their miles because of pain, or a mom who wants to play with her kids. Our physical therapist will work with you to get you back to your desired way of life. The following are examples of what can be seen here:
    • Sports injuries of all kinds
    • Back and neck pain
    • Hip, knee, and ankle pain
    • Shoulder and arm pain
  • Insurance: There is no need for a doctor’s order at this location. Those who have commercial insurance with high deductibles or co-pay plans would benefit from this therapy location.
  • Free screening: If you experienced a sports injury or are wondering if physical therapy will benefit you, please call for a free screening!

Level Up Performance Enhancement

Who: 3rd Grade through high school
When: June 3, 2024, through July 24, 2024
Time: Mondays & Wednesdays

3rd-5th grade: 8:45am
6th-8th grade: 8:00am, 1:45pm, 2:30pm
High School: 1:00pm

What: focus on agility, power, speed, and acceleration to increase performance
Where: American State Bank Sports Complex- participants will utilize our Physical Therapy Space along with time on the dome turf
How long: 2x/week for 8 weeks. Classes will be held on Monday and Wednesdays (a total of 16 sessions)
How much: Group will consist of 6 participants and each session will last 45 minutes. The price is $30/session. The total cost for each participant is $480 (due at the beginning of sessions).

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Individual Cash-Based Performance Therapy

We are excited to be able to offer individual cash-based options in addition to group-based performance therapy and enhancement. Examples of clients may include those who:

  • Have run out of insurance benefits, looking for more treatment to return to activity level.
  • Want to increase performance (Speed, agility, strength, power) for sport performance.
  • Want to be able to complete exercise routine without restriction and limitations (technique, flexibility, etc.)
  • A weekend warrior looking for help to increase performance.
  • Maintenance therapy: Regular check-ins to make sure that people are maintaining the levels of performance that they desire.


  • $40/15 minute sessions
  • $160 for 1-hour long sessions
  • 5-session hour package: $120/session ($600)/
  • 5-session 30 minute package $70/session ($350)
  • 10-session hour package: $110/session ($1,100)
  • 10-session 30 minute package $60/session ($600)

Contact Information

Sioux Center Health Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine at the Dome
ASB Sports Complex
1080 7th Street NE
Sioux Center, IA 51250

Phone: (712) 722-8125

ASB Sports Complex Physical Therapist

Andrew Hoogeveen, DPT

Location: ASB Sports Complex