Siouxland Memory Center

Siouxland Memory Center

A Place for Compassion and Support

The Siouxland Memory Center can provide answers to patients and families. The vision of the Siouxland Memory Center is to provide comprehensive and compassionate diagnosis, treatment, education, and support for people with memory concerns and those who care for them.

Memory Diagnostic Center

Many factors influence memory loss. The key to an accurate diagnosis is a thorough and complete diagnostic evaluation. The Siouxland Memory Center provides each patient with a comprehensive assessment including:

  • In-depth medical history
  • Cognitive examination
  • Depression screening
  • Functional and sensory exam
  • Targeted physical and laboratory exam
  • Psychological assessment
  • Diagnostic imaging (if indicated)
  • Patient and family education

An accurate and early diagnosis is the first step in developing the most effective treatment and beginning a management plan. In addition to diagnostic services, the center is also a resource for education and support services for medical professionals, long-term care facilities, patients, and caregivers.

What sets us apart? Time and attention to your specific needs.

During your initial evaluation, we conduct an in-depth patient history, along with several tests. In many other facilities, these necessary tests might be skipped because of time constraints, but at the Siouxland Memory Center, we spend approximately two hours with each patient during the initial evaluation.

The team then evaluates the findings, makes a diagnosis (if indicated), and designs a personalized treatment plan. The patient will need to return for an initial follow-up after two weeks to discuss this plan. Additional follow-up visits are usually recommended at six- or twelve-month intervals. With Siouxland Memory Center, patients will have the assurance of meeting with a team that knows their case and tracks their progress.


Clinics are held every Wednesday. To schedule an appointment, physicians, healthcare providers, and patients can call Sioux Center Health Medical Clinic at 712.722.2609.

Contact Information

Memory Center: (712) 722-2609


David Janssen, MD

Specialty: Family Medicine

Morgan Meissner, PA-C

Specialty: Family Medicine

Anna Britton, BSW

Specialty: Social Worker

Heidi Bosma, RN,BSN