Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

It is our goal that you’ll feel our genuine concern for your health the moment you walk in our door.
We respect your time, so you won’t be kept waiting for your appointment. When you come in for your
initial visit, we will thoroughly evaluate your condition, find the cause of your pain and discuss
with you in great detail your diagnosis/treatment plan. We will then establish a treatment approach
to effectively and efficiently treat your problem.

Hull Physical Therapy Level Up Kids Programing

Hull Physical Therapy Level Up Camp

Where: Hull Physical Therapy
Who: Overhead Athletes in 6th - 8th Grade
When: June 4 - July 12 | Tuesdays and Fridays
Time: 7:00 am
Cost: $360

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Sioux Center Physical Therapy

Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM
– including noon hour appointments
Phone: (712) 722-8125
1101 9th St SE
Sioux Center, Iowa

Hull Physical Therapy

Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Phone: (712) 439-2266
807 Main St
Hull, Iowa

Conditions we treat include:

Treatment Options

Sioux Center Health’s physical therapist uses hands-on treatment techniques to treat your pain
as well as specific exercise programs to address flexibility and strength issues. And we don’t just
treat your pain – our goal is that we provide you with the tools to keep your pain from coming back.

  • Manual Therapy – Hands-on joint and soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue massage,
    myofasical release and manual stretching.
  • Exercise – We develop a customized program to help you recover from injury, reduce pain,
    improve strength, balance, and/or flexibility. Each program is tailored to your individual
  • Modalities – During acute injuries/pain, we utilize modalities to assist in reducing pain
    and inflammation possibly including ultrasound, iontophoresis and electrical therapy.
  • Vestibular Rehab – We offer vestibular rehab for dizziness and impaired balance.

We accept most insurance companies including Medicare, work comp, and motor vehicle accident cases.

Contact Information

Therapy Center: (712) 722-8125
Hull Physical Therapy: (712) 439-2266

More Information

Physical Therapists

Ashley Altena, PTA

Location: Sioux Center

Brianna Anzua, PTA

Location: Crown Pointe Estates

Julie Bajema, DPT, CLT

Location: Sioux Center

Leah DeStigter, DPT

Location: Hull

Trent Geleynse, DPT

Location: Hull/Sioux Center

Traci Hiemstra, PTA

Location: Hull/Sioux Center

Tarah Kooima, DPT

Location: Hull

Cody Van Der Berg, DPT

Location: Sioux Center

Jessica Vande Hoef, DPT

Location: Crown Pointe Estates

Sara Wielenga, DPT

Location: Hull/Sioux Center

Evan Wiersma, DPT

Location: Hull/Sioux Center

Stephanie Zandstra, PTA

Location: Hull

Jerry Zomermaand, MPT

Location: Hull/Sioux Center