Runner's Clinic for All Ages

To Improve Performance and Reduce Injuries

Do you have pain when you are running? Do you want to run more often or farther, but are limited due to pain during or after your run?

Sioux Center Health offers a video analysis program to decrease pain and increase the efficiency of your run. For $75 you can meet with our Physical Therapist and/or Athletic Trainers who has been trained specifically to analyze your running form and give simple instructions to decrease your pain. 65% of runners have injuries annually, you do not need to be one of them!

2D Running Analysis Program Package Includes:

  • Video analysis of running gait
  • One-on-one performance assessment with our physical therapist or athletic trainers
  • Personalized plan to improve running gait to decrease pain or prevent injury
  • A comprehensive report of your results to take home
  • Follow up appointment(s) to go over results and implement a plan

Contact Information

Therapy Center: (712) 722-8125
Hull Physical Therapy: (712) 439-2266

More Information

Physical Therapists

Ashley Altena, PTA

Location: Sioux Center

Julie Bajema, DPT, CLT

Location: Sioux Center