Telehealth in Iowa

To better serve our patients with quality care close to home, Sioux Center Heath partners with highly-trained specialists to provide virtual health care solutions. How it works is that our nurse accompanies the patient to the telemedicine appointment and interacts with the team of providers and nurses through advanced communication and video technology. The virtual visit provides support of a telemedicine team of experts, ready 24/7/365 to assist in care delivery. They are asked to bring advanced medicine to our facility to help keep our patients treated in one location.

This telemedicine service delivers better care – and delivers it faster – while improving safety and avoiding unnecessary transfers. In addition, we are able to provide a better experience for our patients and our providers by giving them access to a network of trained specialists that can all work together! When it comes to telehealth in Iowa, Sioux Center Health is the team to get in touch with.

Specialty services we provide:

Just like our medical clinics and specialty clinics, we offer access to a wide variety of specialists ranging from oncology, nephrology, infectious disease, pulmonary, and wound/burn management to telemedicine in Iowa.

Avel Telemedicine Technology

The around-the-clock Avel Telemedicine team ensures immediate emergency and specialist care, allowing us to:

  • Access specialty support during difficult and multiple emergency cases
  • Initiate diagnostic testing sooner
  • Streamline emergency transfers when needed
  • Keep you nearby home whenever possible

For more information about Avel Care:


Critically ill patients receive around-the-clock monitoring by intensivists and critical care nurses, supported by sophisticated decision-support software that monitors patients and detects the slightest changes in condition. This close monitoring and coordination with our providers allows for earlier intervention before serious problems arise.

Benefits include:

  • Support for local, onsite medical staff
  • Continuous analysis of patients, allowing for early interventions
  • An overall decrease in length of hospital stay and decreased mortality
  • Reduced transfers


Two-way video technology that provides access to board-certified emergency physicians and nurses with just a touch of a button. The eEmergency team can assist our doctors in treating trauma, heart attack, stroke, and other critical issues.

Immediate access to emergency care allows for:

  • A streamlined transfer process
  • Instant access to specialty support during difficult or multiple emergency cases
  • Faster diagnostic testing
  • Reduced patient transfers

eCARE Behavioral Health

eCARE Behavioral Health Emergency offers seamless integration with eCARE’s multidisciplinary behavioral health team. Emergency service offers diagnosis, treatment, and discharge planning within the emergency department.

Benefits include:

  • Evaluates patient for presenting symptomatology, and evaluates safety and severity of patient illness using evidence-based assessment tools such as the PHQ9 and the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale
  • Determines the condition of the patient – chemical abuse, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, etc
  • Initiates a collaborative call with the on-site provider and eCARE’s psychiatrist, MSW, and/or RN to discuss the recommended level of care, medications, and disposition planning
  • Provides patient education such as a safety plan, means restriction for patients that will be discharged from the emergency department
  • Assists in locating an admitting facility if no beds are available at the local facility
  • Provider-to-provider consult for other behavioral health-related questions


Two-way video equipment allows specialty providers the ability to see more patients and save time on travel to outreach clinics. Our patients will benefit by visiting with specialists without having to travel, saving money and time. These visits are meant to mimic in-person clinic visits as much as possible and are offered by about 100 providers in specialties that include infectious disease, oncology, dermatology, pediatrics, nephrology, and pulmonology.

Benefits include:

  • Providers practice growth
  • Local access to specialty-level care
  • Less time away from work or school


Federal regulations mandate pharmacist oversight of any new medicine before it’s administered. This program provides 24-hour access to trained pharmacists to ensure all medication orders are reviewed and approved prior to administration.


SANE stands for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. It is a type of forensic nursing which collects evidence in the event a patient requests a sexual assault examination completed. eSANE can be used in conjunction with our local SANE team to ensure a timely Sexual Assault Examination taken for evidence and that the patient has access to any additional resources available following their visit.

For exceptional telehealth in Iowa, get in touch with Sioux Center Health today. We would be more than happy to serve you.